We are the new generation of cost effective steel rule die makers. Our revolutionary die tool production system is unlike any other. This multi-functional, computer numerical controlled platform allows us to quickly and accurately respond to your requests for steel rule dies and routing services.

Our die board process starts by cutting a die board into two layers; each a mirror of the other into high density Russian Birch board. Then a high-performance adhesive laminates the two together forming a die board that is exceptionally strong and flat. This gives our dies unequaled rule holding properties.

We can build a complete die with rule or we can provide you with a routed board where you add the rule yourself.

Our routing services include cutting various materials including wood, plastics, polyesters and acrylics.

Why Choose Durable Dependable Tools?

The unique process that Durable Dependable Tools uses to make die boards results in exceptionally flat die boards that possess superior rule holding, a critical consideration for die board longevity and performance.


Durable Dependable Tools Die Board

A side view of the cut die board shows a kerf resembling a diamond shape with straight parallel ends. These parallel ends provide a much larger contact area between the wood and the steel rule.


Laser Burned Board

A laser burned die board results in a kerf that ‘burns wide’ on the other side of the board. This beveled kerf can adversely affect the integrity of the rule position resulting in more re-rules.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

At Durable Dependable Tools, we take pride in maintaining a safe working environment for all of our employees.

Durable Dependable Tools
is always on the mark!