Custom cutting dies are an affordable and effective way to produce precise fabricated shapes and designs. Using specialized machines and tools, our team manufactures steel rule cutting dies form, and shear stock material into your specific die cut designs. Durable Dependable tools offer a variety of custom die for your convenience and versatility. Our precision die cutting services include thermal cutting dies, embossing dies, steel rule cutting dies, heavy mill dies, hole punch dies, creasing dies, and R&D sample tooling. View our custom die cutting services below to see how we can assist with your products.

Die Cutting & Embossing Service

Thermal magnesium dies use heat to cut light mil vinyl materials to the liner. These dies typically are used for cut / pre-spaced parts. Embossing dies typically use two plates; male and female, to raise an image on light mil or heavy mil materials.

Steel Rule Dies

Using your Illustrator 8 file, we will create a custom computer program to cut a high density Russian Birch die board, add rule and ejection rubber and provide you with a die strike for specification confirmation.

Clamshell Die Cutting

Used for Clamshell die cutting, embossing, and kiss-cutting applications, the clamshell die cutting services from Durable Dependable Tools can make custom dies to meet your needs. Clamshell die cutters can cut plastic, cardboard, thin aluminum & more.

Able to cut thermoformed parts up to 0.500″ draw depth, Durable Dependable Tools’ steel rule dies provide speed and consistency in cutting registration. Trim tool and die are generally low in cost and easily repairable.

Hole Punch Die

A hole punch tool removes slugs, internal cutouts or scrap from  finished parts or adhesives. Knockout pins on one side of this two-part die push the scrap through aligned holes in the underside of the die.

Creasing Die

Perforations and creases are made with a special rule that is usually positioned on the same die as the cutting rule. Creases sometimes require a secondary die called a matrix.

Heavy Mill Die

Heavy mill dies are typically used to cut .008” aluminum or plastics in excess of .060”. These CNC routed dies are cut to a tighter tolerance than the finished cut part tolerance to ensure accurate dimensionality.

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